Tom Cruise To Play John Edwards In “The Politician” Movie?

A former aide to John Edwards says a book on the two-time presidential candidate’s downfall will be developed into a movie, and producers are lining up the perfect kook to portray the shamed former senator: Edwards deadringer Tom Cruise.

Earlier this year, former Edwards aide Andrew Young penned a book — entitled The Politician — detailing how he helped hide Edwards’ mistress during the candidate’s second campaign for The White House. Edwards has since admitted that he fathered a child with Rielle Hunter. He and his wife are now separated.

Last week, Young reached a deal with Hollywood writer and producer Aaron Sorkin to turn the tell-all tome into a motion picture. Sorkin worked with Tom on the 1992 blockbuster A Few Good Men, and he’s certain the odd action star can deliver an “Oscar-worthy” performance, if cast as Edwards.

The National Enquirer’s Gossip Guy Mike Walker writes: “Heavyweight writer-producer Aaron Sorkin – who wrote Tom’s smash-hit A Few Good Men – just opened dead-serious negotiations to snare My Favorite Alien for the screen version of The Politician, the sordid best-seller that chronicles how cheating Edwards sired a baby with videographer Rielle Hunter during his presidential campaign while wife Elizabeth battled cancer.”

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