TLC Still Clinging To The Duggars — Is Network Hoping For 19 Kids And Counting To Survive?


Duggar family: TLC not ditching 19 Kids And Counting.

TLC has pulled 19 Kids And Counting from their line-up — but don’t think that’s the same as cancelling the show. They’ve just cancelled airings in the near future. If the furor should suddenly evaporate, the network still has the ability to pop the next episode on at a moment’s notice.

It’s a stark contrast to how the same network handled allegations that ‘Mama June’ of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was dating a child molester. Even while June Shannon continued to deny that she was exposing her kids to a sexual predator (gradually admitting some of the truth over a period of weeks afterward), the network quickly cancelled the series.

Now, however, though there is a police report, and Josh has confessed (granted, his confession was vague), and Michelle and Jim Bob have confessed to the cover-up, TLC isn’t making any leaps to get rid of the show permanently. Moreover, a glance at TLC’s 19 Kids And Counting page on the network’s website makes it clear they’re happy to keep providing public access to the family, despite a statement that the network is ‘troubled’ by the situation.

Effective immediately, TLC has pulled all episodes of 19 Kids and Counting currently from the air. We are deeply saddened and troubled by this heartbreaking situation, and our thoughts and prayers are with the family and victims at this difficult time.

TLC’s thoughts and prayers might be with the victims — but their site is sticking with those fans who still want to watch. It still lists air times — even though the show isn’t airing. It still provides viewable content, updates on the birth of Jill’s baby, a wedding video, links to Michelle Duggar’s personal blog, and a game to find out what you might be named if you were a member of the Duggar family.

TLC clings to Duggar family

It’s quite a lot of Duggar-y content from a network that purports to be ‘saddened and troubled’ by the Duggars’ situation. (They do seem to have decreased their Josh-centric content, but this is hardly all about Josh — Michelle and Jim Bob admitted to covering a crime, so it’s very much about their behavior too.)

Former sponsors are speaking out, declaring that they won’t advertise during the show if it returns to the air. Walgreens, for one, isn’t shy about letting customers know they won’t support any more Duggar TV. Variations of the following comment have been posted to numerous Facebook fans who’ve asked the company about their stance.

Walgreens doesn't support the Duggar behavior.

With advertisers continuing to pull out and viewers saying they’re done, it doesn’t seem as though it would be in TLC’s best interests to try to keep 19 Kids And Counting on the air — so why are they clinging to the Duggars so firmly?

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