TLC Schedules Airing Of Newest Duggar’s Birth — And He’s Not Even Here Yet


The airing of the next Duggar birth is scheduled -- even though he hasn't been born.

Duggar family fans are excited about the arrival of the next member of the next generation of Duggar babies, and so is TLC, the network that airs 19 Kids And Counting. They’re so excited, in fact, that they’ve already scheduled the episode that will feature his birth, even though (five days past his estimated due date) he hasn’t yet been born. (Compare that to Jessa’s wedding, which viewers are complaining has been teased and held back for far too long, and airs tonight — and took place in November.)

TLC informed the family only today that the baby’s delivery would be aired on May 5th — on the blog, the family referred to this as the network ‘giving the baby an eviction notice.’

Whoa — in an age when many moms (including the Duggars) are choosing midwives and homebirths, and even when they choose a hospital, many are avoiding medical interventions and asking their doctors not to hurry things along, a television network gets to serve ‘an eviction notice’ on a baby whose mom is ostensibly quite satisfied to go past-due?

Okay, to be fair, by May 5th, the pregnancy would be over 45 weeks along — three more than is usually considered safe (though pregnancies can go past 42 weeks safely, it usually involves a great deal of monitoring, since there are increased risks, and it isn’t common). It’s a safe bet that Baby Dilly, as the as-yet-unnamed baby is being called for the time being, will put in his appearance well before then.

Still, if the idea of having your delivery, particularly your first, televised, isn’t creepy enough for you, imagine having a deadline imposed upon you by the network.

The Duggars have, of course, made a choice to live a very public sort of life, and there’s no doubt Jill could choose not to have her delivery aired, or filmed, if she so chose. (Jessa, remember, chose to take her first kiss privately, rather than in front of guests and cameras — not that the audience widely approved, but she did.) Still, it seems like there’s a line somewhere — a line where the demands of TLC and the viewing audience don’t get to dictate important moments in the lives of people, just because they’re famous.

TELL US: Are the Duggars going too public? Do you think that Jill was pressured to participate, or that other family members are pressured to participate, in some film moments they’d rather not?

Steph Bazzle
Steph Bazzle is a homeschooling mom who likes to write about justice, equality, and religious issues.

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