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As I type this, I’m sitting in a café in Ecuador in the Sierras. And while the Internet connection is slow and my laptop has its quirks, I have to marvel at the technology. It’s technology that allows me to do what I love, write and connect with people, while on the go. As visions of walking The Great Wall, climbing Machu Picchu, and meandering through the cobblestone streets of Venice dance through my head, I know that I can bring others on the adventure with me.

How? Through a handheld device, my cell phone. Think about it. We take technology so much for granted as millennials because we’ve grown up with it, but it is a sort of magic to know you can connect with almost every soul on earth via a six-inch rectangle in your pocket. Do you think Alexander Graham Bell had any idea? I don’t think even Steve Jobs saw where technology would end up.

As a freedom-seeking millennial, I have already been thankful to WordPress for their blogging platform and for sites like Medium that allow me to share my musings (along with my amazing clients that pay me to get their work out into the world). Now, with apps being released, like the recent launch of Periscope, I’m even more thrilled. I can chat with my followers in real time, sharing a bit of myself and the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

Apps like Periscope allow you to watch and share live video broadcasts directly from your cell phone. Technology is slowly (but not that slowly) making it possible for those at home to see the world on their phones, and for those like me to work while seeing the world.

To See the World

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video can take you someplace and show you around.”

Periscope and other mobile apps like them create opportunities for millennials to take the plunge into alternative forms of employment, namely, blogging and freelancing. There’s no office or fixed space with this kind of career; the world is your office. While our generation definitely has to deal with the social repercussions of social media and mobile smartphones, it is a marvelous time to live because of the Mobile Work Movement. I am the perfect example of the opportunities of this kind of lifestyle.

According to Millennial CEO, going mobile is a lifestyle, not a technology. I couldn’t agree more.

Native to this ever-changing, high-tech world, millennials have the opportunity to travel, expand, work on the go, and make a difference. And, if you are not a millennial, you still reap the benefits of this system, which is open to everyone. The beauty of technology is the platform it has given us to learn. People of all ages are doing fabulous things—from innovative ways to better protect our planet, to medical marvels and scientific breakthroughs. 

But, Technology is Stressing Me Out!

True, if you are constantly worried about staying connected, technology can be a stressor. But, it’s all about how we use it. If we use it to become more efficient, more fulfilled, and more open, it can be life-changing and an asset. Technology allows us to see other ways of life. Work mobility is allowing many to take various passions and combine them into a lifestyle, one that integrates living within the career.

One of the major differences between the millennial generation and the ones that came before is the way we approach our work and our career. Millennials place much more importance on work/life balance simply because we have so much more opportunities, in the form of mobile technology, to work on the go, to make our own hours, and to choose which aspects of our personal lives we’re not willing to sacrifice for a career.

Take Advantage of the Times

Start a blog, get on YouTube or Periscope, travel, connect, work, explore. The lines may now be blurred in the work/life balance continuum, but through mobile technology, nearly ideal work environments are being formed. “Out of office” may just become where work really happens. A holistic work/life approach has arrived in the form of mobile applications. Who would have thought such things were possible?

Right now, I’m about to record a blog interview video that will be shared on a whole other continent. And all while living my dream and traipsing around the earth. #LovingLife

Lori Hil
Lori Hil is an Enthused Freelance Writer & 9-5 Avoider. A Southern Gal living abroad, sharing brand love, & curating fabulous content. She adores passionate people, rich cappuccinos, and breathtaking landscapes.

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