Super Hot Fashion Model Or Photoshopped Bimbo? Watch This 90 Second Time-Lapse Video

Photoshop and high fashion

You know those blonde bimbo’s that only have their looks going for them? It turns out that many of them don’t even have that. New York-based retouch service Rare Digital Art condensed lengthy Photoshop sessions into time-lapse videos and released the results online.


Elizabeth Moss, Rare Digital Art‘s founder, told PetaPixel most of the Photoshop videos made available online are actually the result of amateurs, not professionals.

The company decided to show how pores are sometimes added and how other effects are pulled off to create the “perfect” look for fashion.

There has been a shift in the modeling industry in recent years as more plus-sized models and “average” women enter the fray, but that doesn’t mean photoshopping isn’t used for those models just as it is with super thin blonde bimbos.

The video, uploaded to YouTube on April 30, has racked up more than 565,000 views.


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