Tila Tequila: “I’m Not Pregnant…Yet”

Tila Tequila isn’t carrying her new niece of nephew just yet.

The fame-hungry former pin-up sent the Interwebs aflutter this week after she posted an announcement on her Twitter page revealing that she would be standing in as a surrogate mom for her brother and sister-in law.

“Im pregnant!!!!” and “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I am going to become a SURROGATE MOTHER for my brother & his Wife!!!” Tila Tweeted Sunday.

Despite the Tweet, Tila says there’s a been a teeny misunderstanding: She’s not pregnant yet.

“I’m about to be,” Tila tells Life & Style. “When I tweeted that, I figured there’s not enough space in the 140 characters. [I meant] I’m going to give him a Christmas present that’s going to change his life.”

The often-unstable and recently-engaged ex-reality star is ready to enjoy life as a pregnant person.

“I don’t have time to take care of a real baby of my own — not yet however — I feel I am very ready to experience the whole pregnancy process but without having to actually have the baby my own to take care of.”

Paging CPS: We already feel sorry for this poor baby. Imagine spending 9 months trapped inside this chick.

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