Tila Tequila Files Suit Against Shawne Merriman

Tila Tequila is suing-mad and wants her day in court!

The former star of MTV’s A Shot At Love… believes “justice has not been served” after the San Diego District Attorney’s office dropped assault charges against her ex-boyfriend, San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman. Tila, real name Tila Nguyen, claims Merriman threw her to the ground and choked her during an altercation at his San Diego home last Sunday.

The 27-year-old plans to pursue civil charges against the NFL star.

“Tila Tequila is the victim of a violent crime,” her rep said in a statement obtained by TMZ.com. “The San Diego District attorney’s decision not to press charges against Shawne Merriman for the battering of Tila Tequila demonstrates an unconscionable negligence in the discharging of their public duties. We strongly feel that justice has not been served in this matter.

Tila Tequila Shows The Bruises She Got From Shawne Merriman

“Obviously, The San Diego Charger’s NFL franchise brings millions of dollars in revenue to the city of San Diego, and it seems clear that other interests are being served by the DA’s office than the upholding of the law. A young woman was violently beaten and choked, and the physical evidence is both overwhelming and disturbing. Tila’s account of the events has remained consistent from the beginning, while Merriman’s story has changed repeatedly,” the statement continued.

“Just because the DA has made this reckless decision doesn’t mean that justice will not be served in this case. No one is above the law. Tila Tequila will immediately begin pursuing civil charges against Mr. Merriman and she will have her day in court.”

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