Tila Tequila Book: Tila Tequila “Hooking Up With Tila Tequila” December 2008

Tila Tequila, star of MTV’s A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila, is writing a book.

Tila, who is perhaps America’s Most Famous Bisexual Model, grew to notoriety on the social networking site Myspace. The book will offer Tila’s reflections on her journey from being Tila Nguyen, the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, to becoming an international sex symbol. Scribner will publish Hooking Up With Tila Tequila this December.

“My fans write me every day with questions so I figured instead of responding and sitting there taking hours, I’ll just put all the answers in a book from all their questions,” Tila said in an interview with MTV Canada.

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