Tila Tequila Banned From Attending Casey Johnson Funeral

Attention-seeking vamp Tila Tequila has been unceremoniously banned from the upcoming funeral of her dearly-departed “wifey” Casey Johnson — and the pint-sized minx is not pleased!

A source close to Tequila tells UsMagazine.com that she’s devastated she won’t be able to milk the situation ’til the last drop pay her final respects to the Johnson & Johnson heiress: “She wants so badly to go to the funeral, but nobody will give her the details or tell her anything. She is extremely frustrated, as what she shared with Casey was real and special. Nobody understood.”

Over the weekend Tila told E! News: “I don’t want to talk about the funeral. I wasn’t allowed to go, and I am so upset. I can’t sleep, and I am on suicide watch.”

The former MTV reality star, 28, has raised eyebrows (Doesn’t she always?) with her erratic behavior in the days since news of Casey’s death broke last Monday evening. Word is the Johnson Clan is uncomfortable with Tila’s foul-mouthed rants and cheerful photo-ops over the past week.

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