Tiger Woods Scandal Finds Its Way To “Law & Order: Los Angeles”

The Law & Order franchise is teeing up its notorious Ripped-From-the-Headlines approach and aiming it squarely at shamed golfer Tiger Woods.

The plot on Wednesday night’s edition of Law & Order: Los Angeles includes a philandering golf star and his club-wielding wife. When police arrive on the scene, the bleeding athlete says his spouse was merely attempting to rescue him — in this case, from their swimming pool rather than a wrecked car.

Sound familiar? It should.

After Woods’ bizarre car crash in Nov. 2009, the womanizing golfer acknowledged a string of infidelities and his marriage to Elin Nordegren soon crumbled. The NBC crime drama goes in a very different direction, with detectives investigating the murder of a female golf pro.

Law & Order: Los Angeles, co-starring Terrence Howard and Alfred Molina, airs 10 PM EST Wednesday on NBC.

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