Tiger Woods Rachel Uchitel Affair [Pics]

Tiger Woods is busy recovering from injuries he sustained when his Cadillac Escalade made an unfortunate merger with a tree and a fire hydrant outside the athlete’s Florida home Friday morning. But the golfer may have an even tougher time reclaiming his squeaky-clean public image, thanks to rumors that he’s been hamming it up with alleged Buss It Baby Rachel Uchitel?

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Tiger married Swedish model Elin Nordegren, now 29, in October 2004. Their daughter, Sam, was born in June 2007, and the young family just welcomed a son, Charlie, last February. But word on the Snitch Circuit claims the athletic ace has become embroiled in a cheating scandal — with a New York City party girl with a reputation for bedding married celebs at its center.

Tiger first met Rachel, 32, when she was working as an event planner and the director of VIP Operations for the Big Apple hotspot Griffin, Ashley Sampson, a friend of Rachel, reveals in the Dec. 7 of Star Magazine. Woods first flirted with Rachel by offering to show her a “good golf grip.”

“In June, she told me, ‘Tiger Woods is blowing up my phone messages!'” Ashley divulged. “Tiger thinks Rachel is staying quiet about their affair, but she told everyone. She told me, ‘I’m having an affair with Tiger Woods. We’re in love!’ I’ve heard him while she was talking to him on the phone and I recognized the voice,” Ashley added. “I said, ‘Rachel, he’ married,’ and she said Big (bleeping) deal! It’s Tiger Woods. I don’t care about his wife! we’re in love!'”

Rachel’s no stranger to cavalier dalliances with big names stars: The brunette was exposed as the Other Woman in a liaison with Bones star David Boreanaz during his wife Jamie’s recent pregnancy, Star Magazine snitched only weeks ago.

Although they’ve hooked up for tony trysts in secret locations — including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and even Australia — it’s sexy text messages that Tiger, 33, can’t get enough of, Rachel blabs to pals.

“We have sex text,” the mistress chuckled in a clandestine chat with friends earler this month. “He’d ask Rachel things like, ‘What are you wearing? What do you want to do to me? What do you want me to do to you?'” says confidante-turned-informant Ashley. “She even read me text messages that Tiger sent her that said, ‘I miss you so much! I love you.'”

Rachel also bragged to friends that Tiger has promised to serve Elin with divorce papers as a first step towards building a life with her. A second tabloid source adds: “I know for a fact that Tiger and Rachel got together for four days in Los Angeles. She talks about their affair all the time. She thinks Tiger is going to leave his wife and marry her…..”

With a $600 million fortune at stake, whether Woods will abandon his family for Uchitel..

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