Tiger Woods Mistress Rachel Uchitel Admits Affair During Press Conference

When not owning up to your ho activity goes terribly wrong: The New York woman who previously denied having an affair with Tiger Woods now admits bedding the married golfing legend and will hold a news conference in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Rachel Uchitel was first linked to Woods when The National Enquirer claimed the two were having an affair.

According to RadarOnline, Uchitel now confesses to being involved with Tiger, despite vehemently denying the affair rumors in an interview with The New York Post earlier this week: “I have not had an affair with Tiger Woods…I have never spoken on the phone with Tiger Woods, or texted him, ever.”

A press release about the news conference says Uchitel, a Manhattan nightclub hostess, will not speak but her attorney Gloria Allred will make a statement.

On Wednesday, Woods apologized for “transgressions” with other women in an open letter on his website.

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