Tiger Mistress Rachel Uchitel NOH8 Gay Marriage Campaign

The most famous of Tiger Woods’ former lasses is keeping her lips sealed again — but this time it’s for a good cause.

The NYC nightclub who set off The Tiger Woods Sex Scandal in late 2009 was photographed posing for the NOH8 campaign with duct tape over her mouth and the group’s logo on her face. The campaign is spearheaded by a gay-rights activist group and began after the ban on gay marriage passed in California in 2008.

“I love that these 2 guys started this 2 years ago and its still going strong,” Uchitel Tweeted over the weekend.

The campaign has also featured political wife Cindy McCain, Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown, Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, and others.

The raven-haired Rachel is a self-professed “love addict” and was featured on last season of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab. Uchitel reportedly received a seven-figure settlement in exchange for staying tight-lipped about her “alleged” (Hint, Nudge, Wink) affair with Tiger.

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