Tia and Tamera chat about starting a business and Season 4 of their Reality Show


Tia and Tamera have grown-up on television but say that filming their reality show for Style Network is one of the most challenging things they have done in their professional careers.

In a recent interview promoting their season 4 return of Tia & Tamera the sisters opened up about the decision to put their lives on television. “We didn’t want to do a reality show if it was going to be scripted. We heard about a lot of the shows that are, so we stressed to the producers that we wouldn’t do that with our show. The thing about my sister and myself is that what you see is what you get, so I believe that is one of the reasons why we have longevity in Hollywood,” Tia said when asked about the authenticity of the series. “Yeah, I mean, if we wanted to do a scripted show, we would’ve done that as well. So it was important to do something different from other reality shows, and we fight very hard to keep it as real as possible,” Tamera added.

The sisters also say that the decision to do the show wasn’t easy. “I didn’t want to do reality TV at ALL. However, I’m happy I did because it opened up a world that people have been longing to see,” Tamera said.

You can watch the sisters grow their families and their business on the upcoming season of Tia & Tamera every Sunday night at 8pm…Only on Style.

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