Three Celebrity Home Robberies

Don’t fall into the blind security of a locked door. If someone’s skilled enough, that someone can pop into your house while you’re not home and steal anything.

Just ask these three celebrities! They’ll tell you….

Madonna’s London Pad

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Back in March of this year, Madonna–the “Vogue”, “Strike a Pose”, “Erotica”, “Like a Virgin” singer–had a dance with disaster in her home when she visited her grandmother’s funeral in Michigan. Her London home ended up robbed. Thankfully though, Madonna’s security detail (not something we simpletons would always have) caught the cretins before they could escape.

What shouldn’t surprise you though, is that that particular incident wasn’t the first one. Back in the year of 2000, her London home was broken into and left her without a car. Yes, without a car–not a laptop, or a TV, or china, or even a pair of shoes. An automobile! How would you feel if you came home and your garage door was busted open, leaving you without your cute Mitsubishi Eclipse?

House’s House

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Take some advice from Hugh Laurie, too–you know, the House dude! Back in 2008 right in the heart of Los Angeles, the TV star probably had it worse. He woke up in his house to find that several items were missing–one of them being a laptop. When you’ve got the goods, you got the goods. And thieves will do anything to break in for that stuff. You make sure you have home insurance, because it protects your belongings inside the house. Trust that House protects his house, too.

Buble’s Bubble Busted

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Or how about the modern-day Frank Sinatra of our music industry, Mr. Michael Buble? You’ve got to love his panache. Unfortunately, so do thieves. In the same month Madonna was robbed, Buble was burned by thieves who not only knew how to disarm his security systems, but also knew exactly where all the surveillance cameras were in the Argentina home!

It was a free-for-all. There wasn’t any word, yet, from the singing star on how much was taken from his home. Good news, though: apparently, Buble wasn’t at all stressed with the bad news, because it was the happiest day of his life. He was getting married that day.

Three celebrities.

Three robberies.

Only one truth.

No matter how beefed up your security is, if a thief’s got the will, the thief can most certainly have the way. And if you have the pricey stuff, better make sure it’s insured! You never know months down the road if someone might try to break in and steal your necklace and sell it to the black market.

Home insurance is important, lessening the headaches as you can have your belongings replaced. So be smart. Don’t just put the cameras up in your house. Sign on the dotted line for a policy, and it won’t matter whether or not those cameras get covered up! How are you protecting your home?