This Russian Mafia Prank Is Hilarious And Disturbing At The Same Time

Before you hand over your cell phone to a complete stranger in a suit, you might want to consider what they might do for a living. YouTube pranksters VitalyzdTv recently took to the streets to prank innocent victims in a pretty funny and disturbing way. Dimitri and his partner Vova ask to use smartphones, only to then use those devices to make ransom calls.

The men dress in suits and look clean cut, a maneuver that makes it easier for them to gain access to a strangers phone. Immediately after the device is in their hands, they use a voice modulator to make ransom demands.

The men even ask the strangers if they would like a hitman job or if they would accept money to cut off toes and perform other tasks. The crazy part? One person accepts.

The reactions from the strangers are priceless if not a little bit disturbing.

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