This Is What Climbing The Eiffel Tower Looks Like

James Kingston, an adventurer known for his heart-stopping hijinks regularly recorded on Youtube, has now conquered the Eiffel Tower, sans any climbing equipment. If you think this is the scariest thing you’ve ever heard, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

Kingston also strapped a GoPro to his head and recorded the entire jaw-dropping feat, and it’s enough to make anyone afraid of heights.

Originally, Kingston planned to buy a ticket to visit the top of the Eiffel Tower and then simply start climbing from the first platform, but on second thought, Kingston and a fellow climber decided to go big or go home, and climbed from the bottom to the top, beginning at 1 a.m.

The beginning of the video is filled with jerky camera angles, heavy breathing, and hushed tones between the two climbers that make it seem like they’re two spies on the run from the CIA, and not just from the Tower’s security. And then around the 2:42 mark, the sun has risen over the Eiffel Tower, and that famous scaffolding comes into view, set against the backdrop of a blue sky and Paris sprawled out beneath the Tower. But it’s also hella scary.

In a hoodie and sneakers, this guy looks like he left all his safety gear and climbing equipment at home. He did manage to snap a few selfies, however, and was also asked not to return to the Tower for three years.

I guess that’s an appropriate price to pay for a once-in-a-lifetime experience and those gorgeous Paris views:

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