This inflatable sleep hoodie is going to change your entire life


Inflatable Sleep Hoodie

Hoodies are pretty much the greatest casual wear invention of the last 100 years. Even if you’re not a casual dress type of person, it’s hard to deny that snuggling up in a hoodie isn’t one of the greatest feelings of comfort you can experience.

Then again, you haven’t really enjoyed the comfort of a good hoodie until you have snuggle up for a nap inside a hoodie with an inflatable built-in pillow.

California-based Hypnos has an inflatable hoodie designed by Josh Woodle that is sure to bring you a few z’s at any time and in any location.

The hoodies start at $46 and it’s easy to use, simply blow up the pillow, and it’s nap time, all the time!

The inflatable hoodie is the product of a successful Kickstarter project. You can purchase the hoodie in three colors and it comes in fitted or relaxed fit.

Most of the sweaters are made of 100% cotton, although the jacket version is made of nylon.

It’s a decently stylish hoodie as you can see below:

Inflatable Hoodie

Not convinced you need to own one? Here’s a video that shows off the simple but elegant piece of clothing.

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