This Crazy ‘Friends’ Theory Will Terrify You


By this time, we know Friends pretty much like the backs of our hands. We’ve got it memorized, every scene, every line, every terrible joke Chandler ever made. We watched the show when it first aired, we watched the re-runs for something like ten years, and then we binge-watched it for the first time when it gloriously entered our Netflix universe.

But we never saw this one coming. Nope, a twisted mind made this one up.

This crazy theory was concocted by a fan who has a very generous imagination. According to Twitter user Xenophon Moscrop, the whole show could be considered complete fantasy, imagined totally by one of our most-loved characters, Phoebe Buffay herself.

Read the theory that Moscrop posted to Twitter a couple days ago:

I apologize if this theory gave you chills. If you think about it, it does sort of make sense. After all, Phoebe has always said that she’s the outsider of the group. As Rachel once said, “You lift right out!” And don’t we all know how harrowing Phoebe’s past life was? She lived on the streets from the age of 14, and had a mother kill herself and a stepfather put in prison. She definitely has crazy antics, so it’s not a stretch to think that Phoebe, kind-hearted as she is, could have dreamed up the whole show just because she wanted friends.

How very sad. I have to say, this is the worst fan theory I’ve ever read, and in this wide weird world of Internet, that’s saying a lot. Say it ain’t so!

h/t Hello Giggles

Lisa Lo Paro
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