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This Artist Creates Amazing Works Of Temporary Art Using Everyday Objects


17-year-old artist and Czech Republic citizen Kristian Mensa takes everyday objects and turns them into interactive works of art. In a recent post, Mensa explains, “Throughout the years I’ve realized how important are the simple objects. They can represent hundreds of completely different things and have a totally different meaning.”

From toothpicks and paper clips to socks and apples, Mensa can turn anything into an interactive piece of art.

Paperclip Gladiator

Useful Toothpick


USB Guard

Solving The Lost Sock Dilemma

The Truth of Losing Socks

Sponge Surfer

Sponge Surfer

Selfish Mario Will Steal Your Money

Selfish Mario

Ron WeasleY’s Spell Goes Horribly Wrong.

Ron Weasley Spell Gone Wrong

Pasta Snake Charmer

Pasta Charmer

Paper Clip Ballet

Paperclip Ballet Shoe

Magical Octopus Portal To The Real World

Octopus Portal

Nemo Is Swimming For His Life

Nemo Swimming Away From Danger

Mike Wazowski On The Run

Mike Wazowski Apple Version

Marilyn Monroe Flower Skirt

Marilyn Monroe Flower

Marge Simpson Pine Tree Hair

Marge Simpson Haircut



Jackson 5 Bushes

Jackson Five Bushes

Helping Charmander

Helping Charmander

Flower Gramophone

Flower Gramophone

Beauty And The Yeast

Beauty And The Yeast

Creating art out of everyday objects has become a regular trend on the internet. Which of Kristian Mensa’s pieces of art is your favorite?

James Vanderhoff
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