Are Those Things Real?! Kim Kardashian Posts First Butt Selfie of 2014

While you were scarfing down fruitcake and eggnog, Kim Kardashian spent the festive season getting her famous curves toned and taut.

Or photoshopping her butt to oblivion.

Take your pick.

The Queen of the Booty Selfie treated her 12 million followers to a double whammy of butt-baring shots on Sunday, just before kicking off an afternoon workout with BBF (Big Bootied Bestie) Blac Chyna. Kim, 33, captioned one of the photos:

“Getting right for the new year!”

The images had amassed more than half a million likes by Monday afternoon, but also re-ignited the long stirring question: Does Kim Kardashian have butt implants?

What do you think?

Obviously, this isn’t the first time North West’s mama has plastered social media with her gluteus maximus. Kim described her infamous white bikini butt selfie of 2013 as a “big middle finger to the world.”

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