Lindsay Lohan, Heidi Montag, Hayden Panettiere – Crunched

In this episode of the Popcrunch Show, you decide…camel toe or no camel toe? Lindsay Lohan wants to adopt. Entourage star Jeremy Piven is creeping on Hayden Panettiere. Heidi Montag prays for Sarah Palin and Anne Hathaway recommends anal sex.

Jamie Lynn Spears and her Nipples – Crunched

In this episode, PopCrunch Show host Sarah East talks about David Blaine, Hayden Panettiere, Jenna Jameson and how Jamie Lynn Spears had photos of her nipples stolen.

PopCrunch Show Hits 10,000 YouTube Subscribers

We’d like to congratulate Sarah East and the PopCrunch Show team for getting 10,000 YouTube users to care enough about a crazy girl from Kansas (or is it Alaska?). That’s quite an accomplishment. 100,000 FTW.

Miley Cyrus Shower Pics and Jonas Emails

This episode of the PopCrunch Show features host Sarah East discussing the notorious Miley Cyrus shower pics, the racy messages between Miley and Nick Jonas, and the reasons we here at Popcrunch don’t really care for Miley. Well, we do. But we don’t. It’s complicated. Don’t ask.

PopCrunch on the Red Carpet

PopCrunch’s own Sarah East attends the MTV Movie Awards and eats french fries on the red carpet. Oh… and she talks to Ross Mathews, Doug Benson, Brody Jenner, Whitney Port, yells at Carson Daly and gives a granola bar to Jennifer Hudson.

The PopCrunch Show Invades LA

Sarah East takes on celebrities, Hollywood and LA’s 3rd St. Promenade in preparation for the MTV Movie Awards

2008 MTV Movie Awards – winners and losers – LA Recap

Sarah got invited to The 2008 MTV Movie Awards where she hit the red carpet. In this video, she recaps her time in LA and the highlights of the MTV Movie Awards, giving us a taste of what to expect in the coming week.

Popcrunch Celebrity Scavenger Hunt

Today is the long awaited Popcrunch Celebrity Scavenger Hunt! Watch this video for a clue to the next website you need to visit, where you will find another video with a clue, and so on until you reach the final prize!

The Stephen Colbert Birthday Interview

In honor of Stephen Colbert’s birthday, May 13th, celebrity gossip hound and Colbert groupie Sarah East interviews Stephen about celebrities, politics, and being her baby daddy.

Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Pictures – Video

In response to the Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair photos, the Popcrunch team decides to make a video of their own racy photos. What are your thoughts? Will these turn out to be as controversial as the Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair pictures?

The Jonas Brothers Soap Opera: Part 2

Tired of the popularity of the Jonas Brothers Soap Opera, Popcrunch decided to make a sequel. It is as bad as the first. Paris Hilton, George Michael, and other celebrities are also covered in today’s Popcrunch show.

Popcrunch English Class: How To Leave Better Comments

We read all the comments left at PopCrunch, and it makes us realize that children are not our future. So, we decided to provide some lessons in basic English to help you write better hate messages the next time we report true, but embarrassing facts about your favorite stars like Miley Cyrus or the Jonas…

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