These 7 Jackets Will Get You Excited for Fall


Outerwear is essential during all times of the year. After all, weather is unpredictable and can change in a heartbeat. In winter, we rely on bulky, cozy coats to protect us from the chill. During spring and summer, it’s always good to have a raincoat or a light jacket on hand for those times when a light breeze blows by. As for fall, it’s important that you find a jacket for both conditions. It can be windy, rainy, cloudy, chilly, and warm all within one day. That’s why a versatile, classic jacket is crucial.

When I think of fall jackets, I become Goldilocks. Not too heavy, but not too light. Something that’s colorful, but will still match most of clothes. Mostly, I’m looking for something that fits perfectly, something that I can wear for years to come.

After doing a bit of research, I’ve found a few of these jackets. Some are quite pricey, but since this is the type of coat you will utilize every fall, you will definitely be getting your money’s worth. Let’s take a look, shall we?

East Coast Tour Coat in Sand — ModCloth

Who doesn’t love an effortless trench coat? Honestly, you cannot go wrong with this coat. It features elegant black piping, which gives it a slimming effect. When you belt the coat, you can form a chic bow, taking your outfit to the next level. One reviewer said, “This would be perfect for a cool rainy day” and I couldn’t agree more.

Price: $99.99

The Downtown Field Jacket – J.Crew

This is one of my favorite fall colors: a deep, ripe burgundy. “I love this jacket because it gives a chic look to my formal as well as my informal outfits,” wrote one reviewer. Overall, I think this is the perfect causal jacket that you can throw on when you want to feel put together.

Price: $148.00

A-Line Coat – Zara

This isn’t the type of coat I would normally go for, but I fell in love with the color. It’s described as a “duck green,” but reminds me of the color one would see on a mermaid’s tail. It’s iridescent, but still warm. While it is a bit boxy, it’s not oversized. This is perfect for those of us who love oversized sweaters with a pair of skinny jeans and boots.

Price: $129.00

Parka — H&M

I love pulling out my military-style clothes during the fall season. After all, I’m a fan of anything olive green. This parka isn’t formal, but is more for those days when you’re on-the-go. Plus, you can’t beat the price!

Price: $49.99

Tall Suede Biker Jacket – TopShop

Honestly, I hate including something that’s this expensive, but I couldn’t resist. (A girl can dream, right?) I love the creamy brown color. The fact that it’s suede. Oh — and the fact that it’s an edgy biker jacket makes it irresistible. While I, personally, cannot afford at it, I can still stare at it as I count the coins in my piggy bank.

Price: $360.00

Laboratoire Coat – Aritzia

This coat looks so cozy! I just want to wrap myself up in it and take a nap. I’m all about comfort and I feel as though this coat would do the trick. Once again, it’s pricier, but if I did buy it, that would be it. I’d keep it for many, many, many years.

Price: $225.00

Heavy Terry Club Jacket

For those with a more urban style, this is for you. It’s like a high-end varsity jacket. Personally, I love the grey color because it gives the jacket some texture, but the maroon and black are also lovely. You can also throw on this jacket when you want to make a formal outfit feel more unique, more in tune with your personal style.

Price: $88.00

If you are looking for something a bit more worn and vintage, I would definitely check out Etsy! Otherwise, Happy Fall Jacket Shopping!

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