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There are now amazing color photos of Pluto’s rocky surface


A week ago, NASA released amazing photos of a close-up flyby of Pluto’s rocky surface, and now, they’re in full, vivid color.



Those photos were some of the most detailed photos we’ve ever acquired of Pluto’s rough, varied terrain, and the sharp photos have now been enhanced with color. The New Horizons spacecraft took the original photos during its July 14 flyby, as part of a sequence of photos taken near New Horizons’ closest approach to Pluto. These photos reveal detail smaller than half a city block on Pluto’s surface, an extraordinary feat.

These photos were enhanced with color taken from lower resolution color data at about 630 meters per pixel.

Curious what this photo shows? In this photo, the edge of the “badlands,” is shown, northwest of the “Sputnik Planum.” The al-Idrisi mountains are also shown, as well as the shoreline of Pluto’s “heart” feature and into its icy plains. As you can clearly see, the photos show incredible detail of the various terrain on the surface of Pluto, and will provide scientists with a wealth of information about our solar system’s shadowy, cold dwarf planet, beloved by so many.

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