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The White House gives Anna Nicole a leg up


The Bush Administration is all for the little guy. And by little guy I mean a woman with big tits.

To help out little guy and fellow Texan Anna Nicole, President Bush is lending her his top solicitor to help argue her Supreme Court appeal. Regardless of the money she must of made on those top-notch Trim Spa commercials, Smith is still fighting for the millions of dollars owed her by the death of her husband oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II. And I did say OWED to her – I wouldn’t have sucked that cock for nothing either.

The White House says its involvement is purely to protect federal court rulings over state rulings. Since the white house is aiming for a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, I can see why setting a (very high profile) precedence is important. First it’s Anna Nicole’s millions, then it’s Roe V. Wade. Watch out ladies.

The supreme court has until early next year to decide whether U.S. Soliciter General Paul Clement will be allowed to share time with Smith’s attorney during the one hour hearing. According to reports, Smith will be in attendance. It’s expected that she’ll stumble around, pose, and ask people if they like her body.


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