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The Walking Dead Season 5: 10 Questions After ‘Forget’


The Walking Dead Season 5: # Questions After 'Forget'

Last Sunday on AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead, the members of Rick’s group have tried to forget the zombie-infested world of which they have found themselves escaping. Some of them struggled to make peace with their new situation while others seemed to fit right in. After the episode aired, we were left with some unresolved questions.  Warning: Spoilers ahead for those of you who have yet to get caught up with the show.

Is the Alexandria safe zone really that safe for Rick and the members of his group?

Rick and his group have been burned quite a bit in the past with Terminus, the prison and Woodbury. Naturally, they all have the right to remain skeptical with regard to their new home. It seems like it’s all wrapped up in a nice, pretty bow, but is it really?

How does one go about making Carol’s delightful cookies – of which are worth threatening prepubescent boys?

Luckily, we don’t have to make any guesses about the ingredients of Carol’s lovely cookies – as the good folks over at AMC have already put together the recipe:


 Will Rick and Jessie get together despite the fact that she’s married with kids?


She gave him a haircut in “Remember” and in “Forget”, he gave her a kiss on the cheek.  Her husband was nowhere in sight, but we think that Rick has taken quite the liking to Jessie.  It was all the better when he saw her holding Judith.  Will something come from that?    (Side note: Rick looks super hot here, no?)

Will someone die in the season five finale of the show?


Norman Reedus has already hinted that something will run afoul during the show’s season five finale.  He said, “Bring your Kleenex” – making us wonder if the producers will take out another key member of the group following Tyrese’s death. Reedus said, “A lot of things happen in the episodes coming up.  A lot of changes are made, and a lot of internal changes are made. It’s kind of like opening a Pandora’s box. It’s really kind of headed in that direction.

Will Rick and his group take over Alexandria?


Rick and his people are doing everything they can in order to try and fit in with their new home, but he has said that if they can’t secure it, they will take it over completely.  (Side note: Another fine shot of Mr. Lincoln…dang!)

Will Rick’s group be divided on the Alexandria safe zone?


There already seems to be separate factions within Rick’s group of people.  There are those who want the whole safe zone thing to work out and there are the others who are enjoying it for the moment, but still have their doubts.  Rick, Carol and Sasha appear to be in the latter group, while Michonne, Daryl and Maggie are in the first group.  In the end, will there be an epic battle between them over how to handle Alexandria?

Will Sam tell on Carol for sneaking in to get guns?


Carol snuck into the storage area to snatch up some 9mm revolvers because she is basically “invisible”.  Unfortunately, she was caught by Sam, who only wanted more of her delicious cookies (see above for the recipe).  The question that remains is that despite her threats, will Sam end up telling on Carol – since he tells his mother everything?

What’s up with the walker with the “W” carved into his head?


What is the meaning of this nonsense?  That is either a “W” or an “M” carved into this walker’s head.  Deanna has already claimed that she’s had to exile several people, so this could be explained by the walker’s head carving.  Either that, or there is a long running theory that Morgan is still following Rick’s group around and is taking up a tally of his walker kills with head carvings.

Why didn’t Daryl take a gun?


Norman Reedus said, “As hesitant as Daryl is, he still wants to give it a try.  So let’s not plot against them yet.”

That spaghetti must have been awesome enough to cool Daryl’s gut feelings over the safe zone.  He usually isn’t one to trust anyone, yet being a fellow outcast with other outcasts, a plate of spaghetti and some motorcycle parts have done him in.

Where has Father Gabriel been while the whole welcoming party has gone on at Deanna’s home?

We have seen where everyone else has been while the welcoming party has gone on – with the exception of Father Gabriel.  He didn’t want to have to kill any walkers in previous episodes, but now that they don’t have to, where is he?

Check out the promo for Sunday’s episode, titled “Spend” below for answers:


TELL US: What do you think will go down in the season finale of The Walking Dead?

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