“The View” Whoopi Goldberg Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fight Video: Crying Elisabeth Whoopi “N” Word Clash

It’s Elisabeth vs. Rosie Reloaded. This time it was co-host Whoopi Goldberg who brought the conservative Republican to tears. Elisabeth and Whoopi clashed during a discussion about when use of the “N” word is appropriate.

Sparks flew when Elisabeth said no one should use the slur under any circumstances as “it perpetuates stereotypes and hate.”

“How are we supposed to move forward if we keep using words that bring back that pain?”

(Basically another case of someone not getting that the word has a different meaning when Blacks use it. Not justifying it, and I don’t use the word myself, but some African-Americans feel they have a right to- that’s life. I can understand why Elisabeth feels the way she does, though. It can be difficult to wrap your mind around why some people use such a vile word as a term of endearment. It started as a defense mechanism against hate but seems to have snowballed out of control from there.)

Whoopi disagreed with that, but really lit into Lizzie when she made the statement that Whites & People of Color live in “the same world.”

“We do live in different worlds,” Whoopi said. “You don’t understand.”

“I can tell you how, here’s how we do it, you listen and say ‘Okay, this is how we’re using this word and this is why we do it,’ and you have to say, ‘I understand that, but let’s find a new way to move forward.”

“We don’t live in different worlds,” Elisabeth insisted, “We live in the same world.”

Whoopi fired back: “We do live in different worlds, it’s just that way. It is Elisabeth.”

“Take a breath, let someone else talk,” Barbara Walters snapped.

Check out the clip and leave your thoughts on Race Relations in America. Are you Team Whoopi or Team Elisabeth? (I guess I’m a little of both.)

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