The Veronicas Jess Origliasso Nude Photo Scandal

Several nude images of a girl spies claim is singer Jess Origliasso of The Veronicas have been leaked online.

One of the two photos, which first appeared on earlier this week, have been confirmed by Warner Music as being of the label’s star.

“The portrait photograph of the girl looking at the camera is obviously Jess but, although the photos appear to have similarities in style and setting, I’m confident that the girl in the topless photograph is not her,” a Warner Music publicist told The Daily Telegraph.

Fleshbot is standing by it’s scoop, even releasing additional photos of The Veronicas star to prove the raunchy fishnets photo is authentic.

“”When we posted that (!!OMGG*alleged*LOLLZZ!!1!) topless photo of Jess Origliasso earlier this week, we didn’t expect it to be a big deal. ..After all, we post sexy photos of pop divas we never heard of all the time — who knew these boobs would be any different? Turns out that she really is like, popular or something, and that’s led to a dispute over whether or not said boobs really belong to Jess.”

(NSFW Image Here)
Jess Origliasso responded to the nude photo scandal on The Veronica’s online forum after dozens of fans offered to send in nude photographs of themselves in support of the star:

“I do not encourage any of you to send in photos of yourselves in support of me…It will prompt people to write even more articles, implying that I have “encouraged” or “inspired” young girls to expose themselves, in support of me. That is the last thing I want,” Jess wrote.

“You intention behind it is so sweet, and thank you for all have the courage to want to go to the extremes for me.”

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