The Ten Hottest Women of American Idol

10. Amy Davis

Appeared on: Season 7

Where is she now? The gorgeous Amy Davis worked to launch a music career even after she was eliminated from American Idol. She worked as a model and television host but for the past few years has been out of the spotlight.

9. Bikini Girl (Katrina Darell)

Appeared on: Season 8

Where is she now? We all remember that she couldn’t really sing but she did have the you know what to walk into the Idol audition with a bikini-off. She also came back to the season finale and forced a bikini-off contest with then-judge Kara DioGuardi.

8. Katharine McPhee

Appeared on: Season 5

Where is she now? She finished as a runner-up to Taylor Hicks but captured the attention of millions of fans with her great voice and amazing looks. Since her days on Idol, Katharine has recorded several albums, gotten married and even had a few minor television roles. She has a new album due out in 2011.

7. Kelly Pickler

Appeared on: Season 5

Where is she now? She was the silly country-girl and in that respect, not much has changed. Kellie has toured with some of the biggest acts in country music, dated bad boys like Kid Rock, and released several #1 singles. Kelly recently tied the knot with her boyfriend Kyle Jacobs. The two gave up their elaborate wedding plans and opted for a private beach-wedding.

6. Nadia Turner

Appeared on: Season 4

Where is she now? We’re not sure what Nadia has been doing lately but in the years following her Idol appearance she released 2 studio albums, both to limited success. Nadia also participated in a USO tour shortly after her time on Idol was over.

5. Jennifer Lopez

Appeared as an American Idol Judge, Season 10

Where is she now? Jennifer Lopez makes it to the top ten, not only because she is one of the most beautiful women in the world but also because she jumped on board what seemed to be the Titanic and dodged the iceberg. She has been an interesting addition to the show through the auditions and Hollywood rounds and we can’t wait for the live shows to start.

4. Syesha Mercado

Appeared on: Season 7

Where is she now? After recording her first studio album, Syesha worked on several tours, opening for acts around the country. Beginning in 2009 and running through December 2010, she toured with the theatre company for Dreamgirls.

3. Carrie Underwood

Appeared on: Season 4

Where is she now? Carrie Underwood is one of the most celebrated artists in Country Music and the top-selling Idol of all-time. Carrie jumped from the Idol stage to the top of the country charts and hasn’t fallen. Last year Carrie married hockey player Mike Fisher, and seems to be rolling right into the next phase of her life.

2. Alaina Alexander

Appeared on: Season 6

Where is she now? It was a shocking vote when Alaina exited early from season 6 of American Idol. Since then, she has worked hard to model and contnues to write songs. Alaina had said during the audition process that Idol was her last chance to pursue her music career. After 6 years of struggling in LA, she had decided to pack it in.

1. Ashley Hartman

Appeared on: Season 2

Where is she now? Shortly after Ashley was eliminated from American Idol she landed a modeling contract. This California girl has modeled, hosted a reality series for MTV, and stayed busy acting. She is one of the few contestants to pose for Maxim magazine.

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