The Stackable Brain Specimen Coasters Will Make You Think And I Want Them All

ThinkGeek Specimen Coasters

My favorite nerdy products website ThinkGeek is at it again, this time launching a set of 10 glass coasters that feature various sections of the brain. Simply stack the coasters on top of each other and they reveal a 3D “scan” of the human brain.  Just launched this set of 10 glass coasters printed with sequential illustrations of the brain. When stacked in the correct order they reveal a complete three-dimensional “scan” of

The three-dimensional brain scan is available for $19.99 and can be found HERE.

Here is the full description of the product:

“Each set of Brain Specimen Coasters comes with ten glass coasters. Each coaster has four rubber feet (to further protect the surfaces the coasters are protecting in the first place) and a slice of brain printed on it. If you stack your Brain Specimen Coasters in the proper order (which is easy to do, since the coasters are labeled) and look from the proper angle, you’ll see a full brain. Plus, if you use your Brain Specimen Coasters at your next science party, your friends will know how thoughtful you really are. Get it? Brain Specimen Coasters? Thoughtful? Uhhh…. poop.”

Brain Specimen Coasters

This is a ThinkGeek exclusive so be sure to grab yours when they are still available.

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