The Snoratorium Can Save Your Sanity…And Marriage


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Do you often find yourself lying awake at night and staring at the ceiling when all you want is a restful sleep? We’re guessing you are a sleep-deprived worrywart who overthinks everything. Perhaps you can’t keep your eyes off your mobile phone and suffer from fragmented sleep as a result.

Or maybe your bed-partner is a snorer. A really, really terrible one.

If desperation already had you searching “how many pillows to stop snoring” on Google, here is a fact to keep things in perspective: you are not alone. The U.S National Sleep Foundation says there are roughly 90 million American adults who snore. And as much as snoring indicates serious health problems, this insufferable nightly occurrence is also a scourge of marriage.

When your partner’s snoring is louder than the sound of a power tool and falls a few decibels short of a low-flying jet, it’s easy to feel the urge to leave the room and for some, leave the marriage.

And before the snoring problem can wreak havoc on theirs, 30% of American couples have taken the “sleep divorce” route as an effective, albeit temporary, measure. In this sleeping arrangement, the chronic snorer sleeps in the snoratorium.

Exploring the Snoratorium

It sounds like a mad house of sorts but the snoratorium effect is the exact opposite: it helps keep snorer’s sleepmate sane–and reportedly does work wonders.

These days, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to spare a “second master bedroom” that also serves as a “second sleeping room”. According to American home designers and architects, 35% of their clients make that special request. Apparently, ordinary Americans are in same boat with chronic celebrity snorers like Tom Cruise and David Arquette who each have had a snoring room built within their sprawling property so their partners could sleep in peace.

The snoring room could well be the most sound-proof spot in the house where the snorer can happily be banished to. This room does more than just pipe it down; it keeps even the loudest, wall-shaking snoring sound from escaping the room and bothering anyone.

The best snoring rooms are architecturally designed to provide the couple with “space” without making them feel like being in “separate quarters”. Popular snoring rooms are either:

  • one of the two bedrooms within a dual a master suite, with a French door visually separating the two rooms; or
  • a sitting area off the master’s bedroom.

A snoratorium gives the couple the sleep they need so neither of them is miserable in that department. If they wish to be more intimate, they can always arrange to meet at their Rendezvous Room.


Is your spouse’s snoring a serious threat to your marriage or cohabitation? Don’t strangle your snoring sweetheart in their sleep just yet. Let the snoratorium work its magic.

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