“The Situation” Cologne

Hey guys, how would you like to smell like a “Situation?” If you’ve ever fantasized about dousing your naughty bits with a scent that smells like a cross between Aqua Velva and old gym socks, this is your lucky day!

Jersey Shore’s well-chiseled ladykiller — Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino — is cooking up a sweet-smiling deal to launch his own fragrance. The personal trainer confirmed the news to NBC newsmagazine Access Hollywood, where he served as a guest correspondent at last night’s 2010 Grammy Awards.

The cologne will likely be called – What else? – “The Situation” and is expected to debut later this year.

“The name is just, it’s pretty cool. Who wouldn’t buy a cologne called Sitch by Situation?” he told Access. “It’s in the beginnings right now, but it should be coming out hopefully in the next couple months.”

The Situation added that he’d be checking out scents in the coming days.

“[I’m] a pretty spontaneous person. I don’t even know, as soon as I find something that I like, I’ll say, ‘That’s it! That is The Situation, and we’ll grab it.'”

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