The Situation: A Friend To The Gays!

Long before he was one of reality TV’s most noteworthy personalities (What is this world coming to?), Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino already had a substantial following among a certain demographic: The Gays!

Word on The Curb has it that the ab-tastic Ladies Man — who covered the annual Queer Issue of New York’s Village Voice newspaper last summer — was all the rage with gay classmates during his days as a student at Manalapan High School in suburban New Jersey. In fact, Mike, 29, had several Twinky admirers who bought him small trinkets to show their affection — like gold chains, which Sorrentino happily wore to his heart’s content.

“The girls liked him — and so did some of the guys,” a former classmate of the Jersey Shorer blabs on the pages of the Oct. 4 edition of The National Enquirer. “One gay kid followed Mike around like a puppy dog. We called him ‘Chip’ behind his back, like ‘chip off the Sorrentino block,'” chuckles The Sitch’s high school pal.

“Mike used to get teased about it, but he didn’t care. He stuck up for the kid….and he wore some of the gold chains Chip gave him as gifts. Mike was so good-natured about it that some kids thought he might be gay.”

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