“The Simpsons” Live in Springfield, Oregon

Have you heard? One of television’s greatest mysteries has been solved…

The Simpsons are from Springfield, Oregon!

Matt Groening — the 58-year-old creator of the long-running animated series The Simpsons — has finally revealed that the show’s setting is inspired by the real life town on Springfield, Oregon. In a chat with the May issue of Smithsonian magazine, Groening confessed:

“Springfield was named after Springfield, Oregon. When I was a kid, the TV show ‘Father Knows Best’ took place in the town of Springfield, and I was thrilled because I imagined that it was the town next to Portland, my hometown. When I grew up, I realized it was just a fictitious name. I also figured out that Springfield was one of the most common names for a city in the US. In anticipation of the success of the show, I thought, ‘This will be cool; everyone will think it’s their Springfield.’ And they do.”

In 2007, he sent a plaque to the Oregon community, right outside Eugene, which read:

“Yo to Springfield, Oregon — the real Springfield.”

The revelation ends more than two decades of wondering for Simpsons fans, many of which have long suspected that the show was based in Springfield, Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts or New York.

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