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The Real Story Behind The Fourth Kind – True Story Or Fake?
posted by:William

There’s nothing freakier than horror movies that are based on a true story… so how about the real story behind “The Fourth Kind,” which touts that it’s based on true case studies and includes actual footage? Is “The Fourth Kind” a true story?

Check out the trailer for The Fourth Kind in the video clip above, which sets up a re-enactment of real events, interspersed with what is supposedly real, true-blue footage.

Is the real story behind The Fourth Kind just the latest in the docu-sci fi/horror genre that wants audiences to believe it’s true to up the scare factor?

It appears that the film studio’s attempt at creating a back story, based on the supposedly true events of psychiatrist Abagail Tyler in Nome, Alaska, a real person who interviewed sleep-deprived patients that claimed they were abducted by aliens – is only semi-based on any reality.

The Fourth Kind is said to have been recreated from “archival footage,” however, Nome residents have no knowledge of these events and the Anchorage Daily News reports that no psychiatrist even exists by that name.

The Alaska town did, however, have a high death and disappearance rate over the years, which the FBI investigated and attributed to the winter climate and alcoholism. But hey, the deaths/disappearances do serve the story well – if they’re mostly unexplained/unsolved cases, then why not alien abductions?

So, it appears that The Fourth Kind is not a real, true story… but rather a fake. Hey, you’ve gotta have a gimmick.

By the way, Nome mayor Denise Michels told CNN that they’ve been receiving a lot of phone calls: “Some of the calls I’m just ignoring, because the issue we had to deal with in real life was very sensitive. The movie is portraying something like the ‘Blair Witch Project,’ and we’re just hoping the message gets out that this is supposed to be for entertainment.”

Did you see The Fourth Kind? What did you think?

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