“The Price is Right” Disses Bob Barker

The 40th anniversary special of The Price is Right aired on Tuesday.

And if you tuned in, you likely noticed that the extravaganza was missing a very familiar face: Retired host Bob Barker.

The animal lovin’ octogenarian was frontman for America’s longest-running game show for 35 years before turning over the reigns to Drew Carey in 2007. Nonetheless, Bob was not invited to participate in the game show’s milestone anniversary special.


The special episode featured the return of a host of the most memorable contestants to ever “come on down.” The legendary host, however, was no where to be found. According to Barker, 88, the show’s producers “chose to ignore me, which is fine.” In an interview with the Associate Press Tuesday, he retorted:

“When you celebrate a 40th anniversary, you would think you’d have the fellow who did the show for 35 years there. They haven’t even offered me a DVD.”

No comment from CBS or Price producers, but we’re willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that the royal snub has something to do with Bob’s candid comments about his displeasure with Drew’s style of hosting. TMZ cameras caught up with the outspoken Barker back in 2010 and he spoke briefly about Carey’s onscreen presence, which Barker lamented lacked the “excitement” that has kept the show thriving for so many years.

“I tried to make the show really exciting and he doesn’t really do that. He just plays the games…He does it differently than I did,” Barker smiled thoughtfully.

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