The Paternity Test is In: Scott Disick Fathered Kourtney Kardashian’s Son

Kourtney Kardashian has reached out to the public in a final attempt to set the record straight surrounding the paternity of her three-year-old son, Mason.

Kourtney finally squashed the paternity lawsuit slapped on her by model Michael Girgenti, who has long claimed to be Mason’s dad after a one-night stand with Kardashian in 2009. After submitting to a paternity test, results prove that Scott Disick is without question Mason’s father.

The 34-year-old submitted to a DNA test to prove that her longtime boyfriend is, in fact, Mason’s dad — as well as dad to their one-year-old daughter, Penelope. Had the paternity test gone the other way, Kourtney would have likely been forced to share custody Mason with Michael.

In an official statement Thursday, Kourtney stated that:

“After three-and-a-half years of rumours and lies being spread by an individual I met briefly at a photo shoot, I am setting the record straight that Scott is Mason’s father. While it saddens me to have to address these ridiculous lies — especially when the truth was never in doubt — this story must be put to rest.”

Girgenti is still fighting for a court-ordered DNA test, insisting Kourtney’s results were “fixed”.

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