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The New Fallout 4 Game: Things We’ve Learned


The New Fallout 4 Game: Things We've Learned

In case you hadn’t heard, the official trailer for Fallout 4 has dropped yesterday. If you’ve missed it, you can check it out below. Bask in its wondrous glory, like the power of the atom.

Like the original Fallout 3, the introduction is done by The Ink Spots. This time, instead of “I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire”, the song is “All Over But The Crying”. The first track was played during the intro on a Radiation King radio, but this time we’ve moved to the same brand, but a television set.


Like any lover of the Fallout games, I just had to dig deeper into the scenes from the video – because, well, what’s a gamer chick not to love about the anticipation of a new game to sink her teeth into?

The Opening Scene

The New Fallout 4 Game: Things We've Learned

In full view, we see a house that has been chewed up and spit out by the effects of the radiation. In the Capital Wasteland, Fallout 3 was known for these dilapidated, once-inhabited homes and that hasn’t changed with the coming of the new game.

Mister Handy

The New Fallout 4 Game: Things We've Learned

The game cycles between the old and the new in its intro and we’re wondering if some of the game play actually takes place before the bombs fell in 2077. We see a pristine home with a Mister Handy holding a box of Sugar Bombs. Was this how life really was before Vault-Tec came into the picture?


The New Fallout 4 Game: Things We've Learned

Straight back to reality and the present, we see a dog! Yay, this game has a dog like the Capital Wasteland’s Dogmeat. The Lone Wanderer will be able to walk the path of good, neutrality or evil (hopefully) with man’s best friend. What’s not to love except for the fact that there isn’t any food left for this poor guy. Hopefully he’s just as skilled at finding food, weapons and chems just like our faithful companion from the previous game.

Before The Nukes

The New Fallout 4 Game: Things We've Learned

It looks like before the bombs fell over the nation, the military (the enclave?) worked with the Brotherhood Of Steel in order to get people into the vaults. From the advertisement, it appears that families were herded in as preparation for the nuclear attacks.

Vault 111

The New Fallout 4 Game: Things We've Learned

Hello and welcome to your new home, Vault 111! As we can assume from previous games, this is where the magic happens with regard to player setup and character traits. Will you have to take another GOAT? Perhaps the player can actually be the Overseer this time around?


The New Fallout 4 Game: Things We've Learned

It was leaked previously, but the location for Fallout 4 is most undeniably Boston, Massachusetts, or what’s left of it. Pictured above is the Bunker Hill Monument in case you thought the location was elsewhere. What do we know of what went on in Boston? Well, that is said to be the location of the Commonwealth and the location of the mysterious Institute. From Fallout 3, we have learned that the Commonwealth had the capability of making androids (see “The Replicated Man”)

Scollay Square

The New Fallout 4 Game: Things We've Learned

Scollay Square features some pretty vividly colored graphics for the new town. What has me curious more than anything is this Memory Den place? Is this a place just like the loungers from “Tranquility Lane”? Does sitting in this internet cafe-like place take you back to a time before the bombs dropped?

Also of note, is that the mysterious stranger that has helped us so much with our kills?

Fenway Park

The New Fallout 4 Game: Things We've Learned

Fenway Park survived the dropping of the bombs, but in what capacity? It looks like this place is called Diamond City and it contains a plethora of stores, like Swatters, Chem-I-Care, Diamond City Surplus and a place called Power Noodles. Don’t you just love the inside of a former baseball stadium? “Diamond City” for the baseball diamond – how clever.

The Outside

The New Fallout 4 Game: Things We've Learned

Remember stepping outside of the vault for the first time in Fallout 3? It’s just the same here in the new game. It’s a bright, bright world out there for any vault dwellers and making your way out of Vault 111 is no different.

Brotherhood Of Steel Power Armor

The New Fallout 4 Game: Things We've Learned

Hanging up in the garage somewhere is some Brotherhood Of Steel Power Armor. We’re not sure if this is from our previous mission as the Lone Wanderer or something altogether brand new. This place appears to be somewhere that the player can relax – as noted by the bobblehead and the collection of magazines. “Grognak The Barbarian”, anyone?

Despite all of the wonderful things we have picked apart from the game’s official trailer, we still have a lot of questions to ask.

When does the storyline take place? Is there playable portion of the game from before the bombs fell? Will we get to see actual footage of the livelier looking areas throughout the game before the bleak post-apocalyptic ruins were upon us? Besides that, what’s the player’s story? We aren’t the progeny of two wonderful scientists who are trying to save the world from irradiated water, so what’s the deal?

Also, are we collecting bobbleheads this time around? What about bottles of Nuka Cola Quantum? Star caps, maybe?

Does this game have anything to do with cryogenics? Perhaps the player has been frozen in time as a result of the bombs falling in order to save the human race and was unfrozen in a time to take care of business in this new setting? When in the final scene, I’ve noticed that the Vault 111 uniform that the player is wearing is practically new – leading me to believe that he was frozen for a specified amount of time.

We’ve heard reports that the game is set to be released in October 2015, but those attending E3 will get a closer look than what the trailer provides. Will you be playing as the lone wanderer in Fallout 4?

What are you looking forward to doing in the game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. As always, leave me a note and let me know if I’ve left anything out!

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