The Muppets Jam Out To The Humpty Dance In Hilarious Mashup


The Muppets and rapping? Sure the famous hand puppets are not exactly known for their amazing skills on the mic, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get down to some classic  Digital Underground and the hit song, “The Humpty Dance.”

In this clip, uploaded to YouTube by isthishowyougoviral, the Muppets are mashed up with the popular trackddddds, with a featured spot that sync’s up Gonzo’s facial movements perfectly to the song.

The Muppets and the Humpty Dance

A few weeks ago, we saw Notorious B.I.G. laid over clips from “Dinosaurs” and that video was also awesome. Apparently the newest trend on the internet is setting Jim Henson creations to the tunes of famous rappers.

TELL US: Do you want to see more Jim Henson rap mashups?

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