The Last Guy To Defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr. Lives Off $435 Per Month

Serafim Todorov and Floyd Mayweather Jr

A 19-year-old Floyd Mayweather Jr. was defeated during the semifinal of the 1996 Olympic boxing tournament in Atlanta. Two decades later and the champion fighter has yet to lose another fight. So what happened to the guy who defeated him? Serafim Todorov, 45, now lives in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria on a stipend of about $435 a month.

When Todorov was 27-years-old he took the semifinal from Floyd Mayweather and lost in a final. Following the match Mayweather’s team accused Emil Jetchev, the former chairman of the international Referees and Judges Commission, of rigging the semi in Todorov’s favor.

Todorov says Jetchev also rigged the finals match so he would lose out on his chance to claim the final’s title. Had he won final Todorov could have signed a deal to switch allegiances and fight for Turkey at the 1997 World Championships.

Todorov’s career was over at 28 and the riches that came to Floyd Mayweather Junior were no longer in his reach.

Check out the fight between the two boxers and watch the upset for yourself:

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