“The Kardashians: E! True Hollywood Story” April 4th

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and the rest of the Kardashians are getting ready to spill a series of juicy new secrets in The Kardashians: E! True Hollywood Story, airing April 4th at 9 pm.

The celebrity documentary will focus on the union between Kris Jenner and the late Robert Kardashian, who is largely responsible for getting O.J Simpson acquitted of double homicide in the 1995 Nicole Brown/Ronald Goldman murder trial.

“O.J. was always our ‘Uncle O.J.,'” Khloe says. “Nicole was my ‘Auntie Nicole.’ You don’t really know what to believe or how to perceive it.”

Kim recalls the O.J Simpson murder trial: “Kourtney and I would go to the trial with my dad and we’d sit on one side and I remember looking over and my mom was on the other side sitting next to Nicole’s parents, and it was so much tension. If we’re siding with this one, then my mom and Bruce are upset, and if we’re over here, then my dad’s upset.”

The Kardashian’s True Hollywood Story will showcase more about the Kardashian’s extended family, including four step-brothers and sisters, and the tale of Kim’s quickie Las Vegas to ex-husband music producer Damon Thomas.

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