The Jonas Brothers Mortified By TV Mom’s “Hung” Sex Scene

The virginal Jonas Brothers were left praying for moral guidance after they saw a bit too much of their TV mom during an innocent night of television-watching at home, The National Enquirer reports in its Sept. 28 issue.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin decided to venture beyond the Disney Channel after their J.O.N.A.S co-star Rebecca Creskoff landed a guest gig on the HBO series Hung, a sex-charged comedy about a high school basketball coach who moonlights as a ladies man.

The boys were mortified when they saw Rebecca doing the sideways samba during an onscreen sex screen.

“Kevin, Joe and Nick never expected to see their TV mom in such an explicit way,” says a source. “They kept saying things like, ‘We know she’s not really our mom, but it was still weird. It just didn’t seem right to see so much of her!'”

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