The iPhone 6S Is The Most Successful Yet, Sets New Record

It’s probably because of the rose gold version.

According to reports, the iPhone 6S is the most successful model yet, selling more than 13 million units in its first three days on the market. These numbers are up a whopping 30% from last year’s sale of the iPhone 6, and it’s a personal record for Apple.

Apple owes this shiny new success to several changes they made this year in terms of where they sell, and when. For one, the iPhone 6S was immediately available in China this year, whereas last year the 6 started selling a whole month after its initial release date. That bumped up the numbers for this iPhone significantly.

Apple also made the new iPhone 6S available in 12 global regions this year, instead of last year’s 10. One of them was China, which opened up a humongous market and clearly influenced the increase in first-weekend sales.

Reading the specs for the phone, trying it out in the store, and even seeing ads for the phone, it’s easy to see why this rendition of the iPhone seems more successful than its earlier counterparts, if that’s even possible! For one, this iPhone features a larger sensor in the camera and 12 megapixels, making it comparable to a high-quality point-and-shoot camera, all condensed into your handheld.

It also featured a 3D touch screen with something called 3D Touch, which means that the iPhone’s screen can detect when you’re tapping and pushing down harder, and it’ll open a menu with options when you force touch an app on your homescreen, for example. 3D Touch will probably become a smartphone industry standard, but for now, it’s innovative and groundbreaking.

They also created something called Live Photos, proof, I think, that the world is becoming more and more like the magical world of Harry Potter. Live photos take video a few seconds before and after a still video is taken, thus providing a teeny moving portrait that is similar to a .gif.

But the one thing that I think is influencing most people’s lust for this particular iPhone version is that shiny rose gold phone.


Whenever Apple has debuted a new color iPhone, that’s the one everyone wants to have. The white iPhone caused a furore, as did the gold phone when it hit the market. In fact, the new “pink” iPhone is perhaps surprisingly a hit with men, leading Twitter developer Dan Bentley to dub the new hue “bro’s gold.”

By adding a new color, especially rose gold, which is such a trendy metallic hue, iPhone is making their product that much more lust-worthy, that much more covetable. Oh, and the actual phone itself is a pretty impressive bit of technology, too.

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