The Illustrated ‘Home Alone’ Storybook Will Make Your Christmas Even Better

anigif_enhanced-29824-1447094947-2Home Alone is a Christmas classic, and this year, it turns a ripe 25 years old. Every year, millions of people watch Kevin McCallister’s adventures home alone in their homes, and this year, you can experience the story in a whole new way: with a fully illustrated storybook!

The movie, directed by Chris Columbus and written by John Hughes, is receiving a hand-drawn makeover courtesy of Quirk Books. The whole movie is illustrated and highlights some of the best scenes, like when Harry and Marv slip on the ice-encrusted staircase and face-plant right into the snow. Or when Kevin repeatedly puts on aftershave and howls in pain. And who could forget Marv hitting Harry with a crowbar trying to kill the indestructible tarantula?

It’s all here, and more.

The trailer for the book has even drawn a cartoon that brings these illustrations vividly to life. Watch it here: 
Here are some sneak peeks at the pretty art, from some of our favorite scenes in the movie.

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Yep, this book is definitely going on my list this year.

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