Spencer Pratt Leaving “The Hills”…..To Fight Cyber Crime

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Spencer Pratt is finally biting his tongue. On Monday, the reality villain Hills fans love to loathe announced that he is leaving the long-running MTV docusoap to become a cyber sheriff. …No, we’re not joking….So reset your passwords, PopCrunchers: Heidi Montag’s manbag is making it his duty to patrol the Interwebs for us.

Heidi Montag Spoofs Plastic Surgeries For FunnyOrDie

Here’s something I thought I would never say – Ron Howard directs Heidi Montag – check out this new FunnyOrDie.com sketch, featuring cash-poor reality star Heidi Montag complaining about the horrors of having to pay for her new face with a credit card!

Tug Of War With Pooch Leaves Spencer Pratt With Hole In Tongue

Spencer Pratt Tongue Injured

After years of dishing out lip on MTV’s The Hills, for once chatty villain Spencer Pratt has been rendered speechless. Pratt, 26, was walking one of his Pomeranian pooches outside his Hollywood home on Sunday when the toy rope he was holding in his mouth, slipped out, causing Spencer to bite down through his own…

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Audrina Patridge FHM UK April 2010 Bikini Pics

Audrina Patridge In British FHM Magazine April 2010

A bikini-clad Audrina Patridge poses on a sun-streamed beach for FHM UK. The doe-eyed brunette is the face of the British men’s mag’s Girls Of U.S. TV Special Edition, and editors used the opportunity to chat with Audrina about her start in reality TV. Audrina reveals that securing a part on MTV’s The Hills –…

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Heidi Montag Has The Hots For Plastic Surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan

The rest of her may be fake, but Heidi Montag’s blossoming feelings for her plastic surgeon are very real, a new report claims. The married reality star can’t get enough of her buxom new bod or the man responsible for crafting it, Hollywood plastic surgeon to the stars Dr. Frank Ryan, Star Magazine tattles dish…

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Ryan Cabrera Joins “The Hills”


The Hills is about to get an infusion of star power — that is if you still consider Ryan Cabrera the star he was five years ago. The singer is set to join girlfriend Audrina Patridge on the new season of MTV’s The Hills. Cabrera first dated Patridge several years ago, but the couple rekindled…

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Audrina Patridge Stalker Arrested

A man accused of stalking The Hills starlet Audrina Patridge was arrested outside the aspiring actress’ Hollywood Hills’ home on Friday. Los Angeles Police Sgt. Kyle Kirkman says Zachary Loring was arrested Friday morning after officers responded to an emergency call from Audrina’s pad and found Loring, 24, banging on her door.

Heidi Montag “Can’t Wait To Show Off New Assets” For Playboy

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Heidi Montag just cannot wait to bare her new assets on a second cover of Playboy. According to RadarOnline, the 23-year-old reality star, who stripped down for the men’s mag last September, has confirmed that she will go bare to reveal the extensive plastic surgery she underwent last fall in a second Playboy shoot happening…

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Heidi Montag: “My Mother Studied Me Like A Circus Freak!”

Heidi Montag was left “heartbroken” when she unveiled her new European makeover to her mother. The Hills star shocked fans when she underwent nearly a dozen cosmetic procedures, transforming her face and body in just one day. Heidi had surgery on her chin, Botox in her cheeks and forehead, her ears pinned backs, breast augmentation,…

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Heidi Montag Wants H-Cup Bust

Heidi “I’m Not A Plastic Surgery Addict” Montag-Pratt underwent surgery to enlarge her D-cup bust to a DDD just two months ago, but The Hills starlet is already thinking about what surgery she’d like to get next: An H-Cup Bust. “I actually want H for Heidi,” she tells Extra.

Heidi Montag: “I’m Not Addicted To Plastic Surgery”

Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery

Despite undergoing 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day, reality personality Heidi Montag-Pratt says she’s not addicted to going under the knife. Heidi hit headlines last week, when she revealed that she was “beyond obsessed” with getting work done to her body in the Jan. 25 issue of PEOPLE. The star now insists that isn’t…

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Lauren Conrad Loves “Jersey Shore”

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Lauren Conrad loves Jersey Shore. According to OK! Magazine, the former reality star — who departed The Hills last year after five seasons — has become a regular viewer of The Hills newest competitor.

Heidi Montag Safe After Kidnapping False Alarm

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Have no fear, Spiedi fans — Heidi Montag is safe and sound after a kidnapping rumor sent swarms of police and helicopters to the house the tone-deaf singer shares with hubby Spencer Pratt on Wednesday night. The 23-year-old “plastic surgery addict” used a scarf as a shield from the paparazzi while walking into her Los…

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Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Addiction

Heidi Montag Addicted To Plastic Surgery

Heidi is the next Joan Rivers! Heidi Montag-Pratt is only 23-years-old, but The Hills star tells PEOPLE Magazine she’s already “beyond obsessed” with perfecting her looks through plastic surgery.

Brody Jenner Whitney Port Dating?

Brody Jenner Whitney Port Dating Rumors

Rumors of a romance between MTV reality stars Whitney Port and Brody Jenner are heating up the blogosphere this Monday. Tipsters tell The NY Daily News that despite the newly-single Brody’s on-again off-again courtship with Whitney’s best friend, Lauren Conrad, the enterprising fashionista has reportedly begun secretly seeing the notorious lothario. And that’s news that…

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