“The Hills” Finale Toys With Age-Old Question: “Reality Or Scripted?”

For six seasons, fans of MTV’s The Hills have questioned the show’s authenticity — Is it a reality soap or just a scripted soap opera?

On Tuesday night’s series finale, they seem to get their answer.

Exes Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner say goodbye — seemingly in front of the famous Hollywood sign — but as Kristin drives off in the distance while Brody watches longingly the Hollywood sign is revealed to be just a backdrop and the camera pans out to show the scene is being shot in Paramount Studios.

“The thing is, as you saw on the end — what’s real and what’s fake, you don’t know,” Jenner explained during the live aftershow broadcast. “Our relationship, the entire time could have been fake. That’s one of the questions: what was real and what was fake, and we left it [open].”

In equally weird news, Hills castoff Spencer Pratt attempted to crash the show’s finale party at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Tuesday night — and failed miserably. Dressed in a creepy old man costume – complete with wig, beard and makeup – Spencer was tossed out by security before he could storm the red carpet.

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