“The Hills” Admits Being Fake: MTV “The Hills” Entertainment Purposes Only Disclaimer

Has MTV finally fessed up to it’s reality show The Hills being a bunch of crap? Rumors have circulated for months that the series is staged, and when MTV’s hit “reality drama” hits British TV on Saturday it will contain a disclaimer stating that portions of the series are for entertainment purposes only. Check it out:

“The following program may contain scenes that have been created purely for entertainment purposes.”

This is the episode set to air on the UK’s Channel 4 on Saturday:

10:55 T4: The Hills Reality series following former Laguna Beach star Lauren Scott as she moves to Los Angeles to study fashion and work as an intern at Teen Vogue magazine. She finds it’s harder than expected to juggle work, school and partying, especially when her unpredictable room-mate sabotages one of her projects.

11.25am T4: The Hills Lauren must deal with the fallout of the Teen Vogue party. Meanwhile, Heidi lands an interview for her dream job and considers leaving school permanently.

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