“The Hasselhoffs” Cancelled! A&E Yank David Hasselhoff Reality Show After Two Episodes

Hide the Jack Daniels! The Hoff’s out of a job!

A&E has pulled the plug on The Hasselhoffs, the much-lauded docu-series starring former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff and his two daughters, after two episodes.

What gives? Well, network bosses are summing the show’s short shelf life up in two words: “Poor Ratings.”

(Although “It Sucks” would likely have been just as effective.)

The Hasselhoffs was pulled from A&E’s schedule after the program premiered to a disappointing 718,000 viewers, and then slipped to 505,000 viewers for the second episode, The Hollywood Reporter said Thursday evening.

The series followed The Hoff’s challenges as a single father to daughters Taylor-Ann, 20, and Hayley, 18, as the girls pursue careers in the entertainment industry. David also spoke openly about his well-documented battle with booze. Sadly, for the clan, the American public just isn’t that into an tennis ball-addicted pooch and his equally wacked-out owners.

The critics, of course, predicted disaster for The Hasselhoffs from the start.

Last Friday, The Washington Post described the show as “dull and transparently desperate,” while other critics would have been more entertained watching repeats of Lassie!

“By comparison, A&E’s most recent reality series debut, Storage Wars, drew 2 million viewers. Must be a tad tough on The Hoff’s ego to get trumped by a show about storage units,” The Hollywood Reporter wrote just Wednesday.

The axe leaves eight unaired episodes of the show. Don’t cry for David. Word on the Curb has it that the former Knight Rider singer/actor is being courted to replace Simon Cowell on the UK talent show Britain’s Got Talent.

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