The ‘Full House’ Intro Has Been Recreated With The Help Of ‘GTA V’ [Watch]

The Full House opening credits may never seem the same after this epic mashup. Get ready to have your childhood destroyed or horrified or however you want to think about it, but this will certainly make you look at the intro in a new way.

The intro to Full House was clearly a prominent part of the series, made back in a time that actually featured theme songs with words to go along with all of your favorite show, and many people will surely remember all of the words still.

Now, that same song is used with a pretty similar intro that incorporates the characters that are a part of the world of the game Grand Theft Auto V in an epic and slightly creepy mashup.

For the fans of both Full House and Grand Theft Auto V, of which there are certainly some, this video should provide some great entertainment. As fans of the game know, it takes place in a fictional city that incorporates multiple cities that parallel multiple cities in California, one of which being San Francisco where the show took place.


The video was uploaded to Youtube on June 10th, and although it hasn’t completely gone viral with an amazing amount of views yet, it has received over 6,000 views so far, and there is no doubt that the number of views will continue to rise.

It was uploaded by the user Merfish, and they even linked it up with a side by side comparison to the original show opening, and it matches incredibly well shot for shot as each character in GTA is compared to a character in Full House in some way.

The Full House intro is certainly a classic and the GTA remake is genius with the shots of the video game almost too similar to the original in a scary way. Will the Full House theme ever be the same again after seeing this?

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