The French Fry Burger Will Probably Give You A Delicious Heart Attack

French Fry Burger Bomb

There are very few meals that are more American than a burger and fries. The Vulgar Chef realized the importance of that combination in our culture and they created the French Fry Burger Bomb.

As the name suggests this meal combines a traditional burger with a bun made out of greasy french fries.

On the Vulgar Chef’s website, the slogan #EatLikeShit is featured and this burger proves that the cook stands behind his slogan.

The french fries are wrapped in cheese and seared on each side to create a nice and crispy bun.

The Vulgar Chef created the French Fry Burger Bomb with inspiration from The Burger and Fry Balls, which is basically the same thing but with meatballs instead of hamburger in the middle.

While I wouldn’t make this meal a standard part of my diet, I wouldn’t mind trying it once just for fun.

Don’t have time to make a French Fry Burger Bomb? Just order a burger and some cheesy hashbrowns during your next trip to the Cracker Barrel.


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